How Much Space Do You Need For Pickleball?

Pickleball Court Dimensions and Setup

Pickleball is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. To play a game of pickleball, you need access to a designated pickleball court. Understanding the right dimensions and space requirements for a pickleball court is key for safe and enjoyable play. If you’re looking to set up your own pickleball court at home or in a nearby outdoor area, you likely have questions about how much space you’ll need. This blog post answers the important question “What are the dimensions for a pickleball court?” We’ll outline the official court size as well as options for smaller pickleball court layouts. By the end, you’ll have the information you need to measure out and mark lines for your own outdoor pickleball court. With the proper court dimensions, you’ll be ready to start playing this addicting paddle sport!

What Are The Pickleball Court Dimensions?

The standard dimensions for a pickleball court are as follows:

  • The pickleball court is rectangular, measuring 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length.
  • At the center of the pickleball court, the net divides the court into two halves.
  • The size of a pickleball net is 22 feet long, 36 inches in height at the sidelines, and 34 inches high at the center.
  • The kitchen, also known as the non-volley zone, is situated on both sides of the net and measures a length of 7 feet starting from the net. Players cannot hit the ball while standing inside this zone unless the ball bounces in it first.
  • On each side of the court, there is a smaller rectangular box behind the non-volley zone, referred to as the service area. It is 10 feet wide and extends from the baseline to a line that is 15 feet from the net. It is located on both sides of the court.
  • The baselines are the lines at the ends of the court. They run parallel to the net and are 22 feet apart.
  • The sidelines are the lines on the sides of the court. They run perpendicular to the net and are 20 feet apart.

It is important to adhere to these dimensions to ensure the game is played fairly and accurately. Any deviations from the standard dimensions may result in an uneven and unfair playing field for the players.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Pickleball Court?

To start your game, you just need some space, a net, pickleball paddles, and pickleball. Pickleball courts are typically 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. A net divides the playing area into two halves in the center of the court. Each half of the court is 20 feet wide and 22 feet long. Due to the non-volley zones on either side of the net, a pickleball court has a slightly smaller playing area than this. On each side of the net, there is a 7 feet non-volley zone called the kitchen. Players cannot hit the ball in the area marked by a line parallel to the net. This reduces the court’s playable size to 34 feet in length.

A non-volley zone prevents players from hitting the ball too aggressively near the net, which can cause dangerous collisions. Therefore, the total space required for a pickleball court is 30 feet wide by 60 feet long. It includes the playing area having measurements of 20 feet in width and 34 feet in length and the recommended surrounding space for the safety and movement of pickleball players. Players need additional space to move around the court freely without risking injury or colliding with one another.

When setting up a pickleball court, it’s also important to consider the surface material. You can use surface materials like asphalt, concrete, snap-together plastic, indoor flooring, etc., for constructing your pickleball court. Consider factors such as affordability, climate, and durability when choosing your pickleball court’s surface material.

How To Set Up An Outdoor Pickleball Court?

Here are the steps to set up an outdoor pickleball court:

  1. Find A Suitable Location: Locate a level and smooth ground with no slope, and its measurement should be at least 30 feet wide and 60 feet long. Ensure ample space surrounds the pickleball court to allow players to move easily and comfortably during play.
  2. Mark The Court Boundaries: Use chalk or tape to mark the court boundaries. A standard pickleball court has 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length, with a 7-foot non-volley zone on either side of the net.
  3. Choose The Right Surface: The surface should provide good traction and be easy on the joints. Options include concrete, asphalt, snap-together plastic, a dedicated pickleball court surface, etc. If you choose concrete or asphalt, ensure it is properly sealed to prevent cracks and damage.
  4. Install The Net And Posts: Place the net in the middle of the court and attach it firmly to posts or stands located on both sides. Make sure the net is taut, and the height is correct. You can use portable net systems or install permanent posts and anchors.
  5. Add Court Accessories: Finally, add any additional accessories you want on your court, such as benches, ball holders, or scoreboards. Make sure they are securely anchored to prevent movement or damage.
  6. Maintain Your Court: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your court in good condition. Sweep the court regularly to remove debris, repair any cracks or damage, and reseal the surface as needed.

By following these steps, you can set up an outdoor pickleball court that is safe, functional, and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Space Do You Need For A Pickleball Court?

The minimum space required for a pickleball court is 30 ft in width and 60 ft in length. You must have additional space around the pickleball court to provide safer conditions and allow the movement of players.

How Do You Fit 4 Pickleball Courts On A Tennis Court?

You can fit four pickleball courts on a tennis court. But for this, you need separate pickleball courts to combine them with a tennis court.

How Many Square Feet Is A Pickleball Court?

Pickleball courts typically measure about 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length, i.e., 20*44 feet, resulting in an 880-square-foot playing area.

Can I Use Tennis Court For Playing Pickleball?

You can use the tennis court to play pickleball if marked correctly. However, you’ll need to set up temporary nets and boundary lines to make the tennis court suitable for playing pickleball.


The officially sanctioned and recognized dimensions for a pickleball court are 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length. To expand the space available for playing pickleball safely and comfortably, it is essential to have a pickleball court with a minimum width of at least 30 feet and a length of 60 feet. In this blog post, we have discussed the space needed for a pickleball court near me to play pickleball and the process for setting up the outdoor pickleball court on your own. If you want to read more, I have written blogs on courts need for pickleball and how to run a pickleball tournament. Additionally, we have also mentioned the dimensions for the official pickleball court. We hope that you have got information regarding how much space is required for a pickleball court and you can play pickleball comfortably and safely without any problems. You can also build your outdoor pickleball court in your home or nearby areas according to the procedures described above in this blog.

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