The Oregon Convention Center is working toward recovery from COVID-19

Published: Thursday, March 24, 2022

The epidemic has pushed the travel and entertainment industry to its limits. The industry collapsed and many lost their jobs. Many Portland venues have closed or adapted to more epidemic-relevant functions as a result of continued lockdowns and power constraints. The Oregon Convention Center has been transformed into a mass immunization site.

As sanctions were relaxed, executive director Craig Stroud said 2019 was the last year that the OCC conducted a full-year business in 2019 when they hosted 527 events throughout the year. The Convention Center currently has contracts for 157 specific events for 2022 and 69 contracts for 2023.

Despite the apparent decline, the Center is optimistic and believes that these figures do not necessarily represent the total number of conferences to be held. The 2022 event calendar was hit hard by the epidemic, and the number of bookings for 2023 was reported to be higher than the previous year’s average trend.

It is recommended that with one year of recovery, the current numbers project that 2023 could be a very busy calendar year for the Oregon Convention Center. The 2022 event calendar was directly affected by the COVID epidemic. The 2023 event calendar is currently a very powerful event year.

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