The US Travel Association has called on the government. To eliminate pre-exit covid

Published: Thursday, March 24, 2022

The US Travel Association is urging the US government to lift travel bans, including the requirement of pre-departure covid testing for all fully vaccinated inbound international travelers.

Reuters reports that Roger Dow, chief executive of US Travel, said in a letter to the White House that the US government had little interest in maintaining pre-departure testing requirements for domestic air travelers when the United States did not require a negative test – Canada and US-Bordeaux. Point of entry.

US Travel has called for an immediate end to pre-departure testing requirements. The group also called on the US government to end its masking mandate for air travel and other transportation by April 18.

That day, after its renewal in March 2022, the mandate could be lifted. It also called on the Biden administration to end travel bans on fully vaccinated travelers.

Canada’s pre-arrival test requirements for all travelers are set to expire on April 1.

Canada still requires masks on planes and other modes of transport, and also requires all air, rail and ship passengers to be fully vaccinated.

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